Reading Rainbow joining the Netflix lineup made this mama super excited.  Hands down, it is one of my favorite shows growing up - second only to 3,2,1 Contact.  Yes, I am a long time PBS junky.  And in the very first episode of RR, Levar goes bowling.

Theo has dubbed that episode the "Rolling Balls" episode and requests for bowling trips have been a constant.  So we go, and it is an event - as many Bixler family outings have become.  SIt is a great time, but as many things have evolved as we have added kiddos - things just take a bit longer.

Shoe changing takes a few minutes, especially when Helena keeps stealing the bowling shoes and running off.  (Bowling alleys are set up more like a jet runway than I realized.) Ball selection will take 15-20 minutes - and why are all the pretty balls 50 pounds??  Seriously.  Then there is who gets to go first and if we are using the helper ramp or not.   

SO by the time we actually play a game, (we being the two bigs and their daddy - I am Helena chasing - she might end up going to college on scholarship for sprinting.) we have a whole evening of family entertainment under our belts.  

It is better than a turkey - which Michael had.  Fun stuff.

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Rici Reid said...

Love this! We love bowling! But you're right...its always an event and an adventure!! Miss you lady!!