12 years and the Easter Bunny

Yesterday sharing our 12 year anniversary with Easter made for a day full of candy and happy kiddos.  
The morning started with a living room that smelling like The Easter Bunny, Easter basket goodies, trying to get a workout in, cleaning the basement, going to visit grandma and grandpa, lunch and second lunches, playing at the park and rushing home to squeeze in a much needed bath before kiddo bedtime.  

7 years ago we were in Italy.  We were surrounded by amazing food, long walks getting lost and holding hands, waking up to see the empty piazzas slowing filling with people starting their day. 
 I thought that things could never be better... and I was very wrong.

Instead of a dinner out, we had a extra late dinner of tater-tots, prosciutto, potato chips and wine.  We sat up talking until our littlest woke up and needed lots of help getting back to sleep.  As I swayed and shushed her in the dark in the early morning, I couldn't help but think that things keep getting better and better.

Happy 12th Anniversary my love.

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