footstool speech

One of Helena's favorite past times is climbing anything she can.
She carries this little footstool around the house, tucked under one arm most of the time.
It gives her a height advantage and the boost she needs to get on top the kitchen counters or into drawers that hold all things helpful like scissors and permanent markers.

She thought I was coming to take away her beloved footstool, so she climbed on top of it and launched into a long speech, shaking her hands at me and pointing. 

I assume she was telling me just what she thought of my terrible idea 
and where exactly I could stick my opinion on her climbing...

I was quickly put back in line.


Adrienne said...

oh my - cuteness overload. And oh boy do you have your hands full!!! That first shot is amazing!

Carri said...

Love her expressions!

Carri said...

Love her expressions!

Malaivel Siddha said...

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