my momma

photo credit: Miss Eva

I asked the kiddos what we should say to you today. And so you know, they are standing right here as I type and you better believe Eva is reading and making sure I type their words correctly!

You are the best grandma in the world.
You are a silly Grandma.
I like her so much.
I love her 200 million minutes loving.
I want to live at her house and we love it there.
Yayyyy Goggy Goggy. Yayyyy
Grandma does the best big hugs.
You make me the greatest peanut butter and jellies in the world.
They love you with their entire world and big heart.

They could go on for days and barely scratch the surface.  Thanks mom for being the best.  I love you with my entire world heart too.  Happiest Mother's Day to you.

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