Helena brought another first parenting moment upon us... having something stuck in a body orifice.  It is amazing we made it to the third kiddo before it happened, really.  

It was really way up there - it looked like she had a growth near the bridge of her nose and at first I had no idea what it was.  How she managed to get it up that far, I can't even tell you - her fingers aren't that long.

I managed to get it out with Michael's direction.  A little mouth-to-mouth puffs of air while holding the other nostril shut - it popped right out.  A little black button.  As you can imagine, holding her down and making that happen was not the easiest or quietest thing in the world.  Little lady was furious, but really happy to see her shiny button again.  She was just as furious when I made it disappear into the trash.

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