getting sauced

My Eva has been having some big emotions lately, especially when things don't go the way she thinks they should.   It is hard to be 6 and especially hard to be the oldest kiddo.  I know.

So Eva and I are in her room talking it out.  Working through a bad morning and trying to get the day back on track.  Theo and Helena were playing in the living room.  I could hear them.  A little giggle now and then, but no yelling or crying.  Things seemed to be going well.  

A little too well I guess.  Because then things were really, really quiet for way too long. 
I should have know things were going too well...

An entire, very full bottle of chocolate sauce.  It was everywhere.  The couch had puddles and the floor had footprints.  They were covered head to toe.  Helena's head had so much sauce that when Theo would put his hand on her head she would literally stick to him.

It took 4 bath towels to clean up the couch and floor.  I still keep finding sticky spots.

Good news, as Theo said, "Mommy we just taste so good!" as I was telling him to stop licking his sister.  And it make pulled Eva out of her bad mood, she laughed until she cried... eventually I did too.

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