first season

First year of soccer for Theo is in the books.
Lots of hilarious antics as four and five year-olds stormed the field every Saturday.

There were side games of Star Wars, tag and who can do a cartwheel being played at any given time.
Water breaks were when ever someone decided to get up and leave the field.  Parents took turns pointing kids in the right direction, constantly reminding them to stand up, and not to pick up the ball.

You scored two goals: one that was in the wrong net and the other was from mid-field...
it slowly rolled past all the other backfield players - who were playing a game of what looked like freeze tag - that by the time in went in, none of the kids were paying attention.  It was technically an assisted goal, because it bounced off another kids foot, but she was trying to do a flip and not looking in the direction of the ball at all.  But I give you full credit.

It was a great first season.

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Looking so grownup