my momma

photo credit: Miss Eva

I asked the kiddos what we should say to you today. And so you know, they are standing right here as I type and you better believe Eva is reading and making sure I type their words correctly!

You are the best grandma in the world.
You are a silly Grandma.
I like her so much.
I love her 200 million minutes loving.
I want to live at her house and we love it there.
Yayyyy Goggy Goggy. Yayyyy
Grandma does the best big hugs.
You make me the greatest peanut butter and jellies in the world.
They love you with their entire world and big heart.

They could go on for days and barely scratch the surface.  Thanks mom for being the best.  I love you with my entire world heart too.  Happiest Mother's Day to you.



Helena paints...
and if you notice her paper is still blank, not a drop of paint on it.


secret trail

It was our first trip of the year down the secret path.  We had heard that Dairy Queen was open for business and it was an amazing day out... well so had the rest of the free word.  The line was wrapped around the building.  It was almost bedtime and meltdowns were imminent... so we hit up the quick-stop and watch a crazy machine turn tubs of ice cream into milkshakes.  The kids were amazed and it might be their new favorite.  Theo also has some mad bike skills, he shake-drove the whole way home.



Helena brought another first parenting moment upon us... having something stuck in a body orifice.  It is amazing we made it to the third kiddo before it happened, really.  

It was really way up there - it looked like she had a growth near the bridge of her nose and at first I had no idea what it was.  How she managed to get it up that far, I can't even tell you - her fingers aren't that long.

I managed to get it out with Michael's direction.  A little mouth-to-mouth puffs of air while holding the other nostril shut - it popped right out.  A little black button.  As you can imagine, holding her down and making that happen was not the easiest or quietest thing in the world.  Little lady was furious, but really happy to see her shiny button again.  She was just as furious when I made it disappear into the trash.


a day

A day in our lives....
A favorite blog of mine - Hi Julia! - does this on the regular and I swore I would get it done.
I finally did - although a little late for her link-up.

Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Almost a full month ago - yes, I know.

There is a little lady fussing at me over the baby monitor.  I wake up feeling like I am in the wrong bed, but I am not, I am just on the wrong side of the bed.  Michael is staying overnight in Columbus to take his boards.  For some reason, I always sleep on his side of the bed when he's gone.  By the time I get out of bed, take a restroom break and get to Helena's bed - she back asleep.  Hooray!

Theo's up and in bed with me cuddling. 
(Or really kicking me in the ribs and jumping up and down in the bed.)

I give up on sleeping anymore and admit defeat.  We head to the kitchen for coffee and waffles.  He is such a morning person.  All wide-eyed and excited about it being "morning time!"

Eva's up and disappointed that my bed is made and she doesn't get to cuddle in it.

I am showered and we are all dressed for the day.  Well all except Helena... she is still snoozing.

I hadk to wake up Helena and get her ready while she was angry with me about being woken up.  Meaning she screamed and yelled the entire way to the car.  We get to Eva's kindergarten bus pick-up and drop her off.

We are at Theo's preschool.  He plays with his friends while we wait on his teachers to open the classroom.

The classroom is open and Theo hangs his coat under his "big name" and heads to class.

I am home. I cleaned out the car and made a smoothie.  I am alternating between the smoothie and coffee as I put all the junk away from my car.  It is insane how fast stuff piles up in there.  I also rotate the kids toys in their room.  It has been a while.

We head over to our community's weekly playgroup.  To make sure I went - I signed up to be in charge of it.  Sometimes this introvert needs responsibility and accountability to get me out there socializing.  (There are tons of toys - but these two prefer the coffee table.)

It is pick-up time for Theo.  He is glad to see us.

I am making lunch, unloading the dishwasher and rescuing dinosaurs from the sink.

Lunch time!  The littles are telling stories and making burp sounds as entertainment.  I really should sell tickets for this comedy hour.

Theo realizes that there are different toys on his shelves.  He is so excited!  "My big megos are back!!!" He and Helena are playing away so I decided to get a little reading a writing done.

My dulpo building skills are being requested so I head into the kids' room to play.  We build planes and a garage.  After a bit, Helena starts fussing and eye rubbing.

I am feeding and snuggling little Helena.  We sing, we snuggle and she falls asleep until I lay her down and they she screams until I snuggle her again.

I give up, decided maybe her teeth are bothering her and head out to give her some meds and check on Theo.  She is obviously exhausted, but not having a nap.

Head into the extremely quiet living room to find that Theo has decided a nap is a grand idea.  

I start cleaning out a cabinet.  Find a few things I haven't used a good long time and add them to our donation pile.  Not pictured is the lower cabinet that Helena was cleaning out for me.

Helena is tired of cabinets. We check the mail and she helps me sort the ads from yesterday's paper.  Helena is a good sorter.

We head up to pick-up Eva from the bus and it is raining and spitting ice.  Theos grumpy because I had to wake him up to go.  We get everyone back in the car and head home.  I hate driving and in APril it should not be threatening snow - but here it is anyway.  I pull in and find my nap-hater is napping.  The irony.

We have had snacks and Helena is still sleeping.  The kiddos are playing Wii.  Eva's favorite thing is to make Wii people and Theo liked to help.

Helena is up and I am prepping dinner and getting Eva dressed for ballet.  This is a touchy time of day but we manage to get it done without tears.  Miracle!!

Today ballet has an open house so I get to sit in the room and watch - instead of sneaking peeks through the door.  Helena and Theo both are great about watching Eva dance.  I can't help but get all mushy inside when he yells out, "Great job Eva!" in the middle of some jumping.

Michael gets home.  He is pretty wore out from taking the test all day and worrying about/trying not to worry about the test for weeks.  We have dinner - Michael picked up take-out on his way home so I never had to cook and tomorrow's dinner was prepped ahead.  Nice!
After dinner, Eva shows her daddy her Mario Brothers skills.

We head out on a walk.  It's freezing but we bundle up and head out to get some fresh air.  We head back home for some chocolate milk and snuggles before bed.

I am getting Helena to bed and Michael gets the big kids.  I love snuggling sleeping babies.

Kids are all asleep and I am cleaning up.  Michael is working on some things for work.  Dish washer is running and I fold up some laundry.  I have been listening to the Modern Love podcast.  This episode was a funny one.

We are getting ready for bed and I try to do a little reading, but I don't last long.  I think I am asleep before 10:00.


in the woods

For the third year in a row - a gaggle of us have headed down to Hocking Hills, rented a cabin without Wi-Fi or cable and spent the weekend.  The annual Woods House Trip as our kids call it.  The weather was so great - we were able to be outside without coats and snow boots.  I believe there was another confirmed Big Foot sighting.


evidence: infiltrated

One of my ways of keeping the house clean (cleaner-ish) and keeping the kiddos entertained is having a toy rotation.  We have a few toys out at a time and the rest are locked up in the kids closet with a hook and eye at the very top.   I really should say "locked" because recently with the help of a broom, I found that the short people in the house had managed to infiltrate the toy storage and help themselves to boxes of legos, train tracks and the like.  
Hey, at least the closet was now pretty clean.