Dear Deedle: closing in


Dear Deedle,
Here we are at 34 weeks.  Now we are almost to 35 and the clock ticks. Your body parts are shoving and morphing my belly into something from poltergeist.  It is hilarious... especially when you do this in public to unsuspecting non-parent types.  They kinda freak.  It looks like you are trying to climb out the front, but you are just rearranging things.  

I bought the last item on my "need to buy" list this week.  Unless you are really small and need lots of newborn clothes - we are set.  My to-do list is not that bad really.  A lot of it is just things to the house that I "would like" to have done before you arrive.  Less to worry about later.  But essentially things are ready for you after a few loads of laundry.  

Boy do I feel pregnant.  Woah buddy.  By the end of the day I am tired and can't wait to get off my feet.  And those feet have started to swell just a tiny bit by the end of the day.  Everything else is looking good.  My doctor has been happy with everything so far and we are holding our own - lab work wise.  After a few rounds of strange results, we were sent in for the gamut of testing.  The doctor was worried - but after taking 7 vials of blood and a 24 hour urine sample - we passed with flying colors.  Keeping everyone on their toes already Deedle?  

Can't wait to hold you in a few weeks.  After 37 you are free to arrive. All lung developed and such.
All my love, 




I cut his curls.  Inches and inches.  I did it myself because I was afraid I would cry at the hair salon.  It took 3 suckers and the Cars movie to keep him still.   I didn't get teary until the next morning when I got him out of his crib and he looked so "big boy".  




When in doubt, I head to a park.  It is my fallback plan for a bad morning, grumpy afternoon or both.  Before we go to the grocery to put them in a good mood, after we go to the grocery to reward them (dangle like a carrot the entire way through the store) for good behavior, before nap to wear them down and after nap to burn off the restored energy...  My reasons and love for a park trip are long.  One day Michael found a new park.  It was a surprise park.  A park that was small and not on the map.  It has a train and swings - two high ranking park attributes for my two little ones.  It is a new favorite.

I attempted a "group photo" over and over.  Using a timer app - in 5 seconds I couldn't get back (waddle) in time to be in the shot.   With 10 seconds the kids couldn't sit still.  This was the best and really my favorite.  Eva was excited to make it on top of the train before the picture took and there is Theo - still missing a shoe (he wouldn't leave the left one on) and running.  And  I look normal-ish, not like I am frantically trying to corral children - because I gave up.  And there is my 33 week baby bump.  Hi Deedle.



Giraffe, Chester, Ellie and Cow... the lovies.
Children so tired from playing all day that they go to bed an hour early, no complaints and almost begging to go.  Children that forget all, not just one, but all of their favorite stuffed animals at bedtime.   We are the winners tonight.




Last night we had a date night.  Just me and him.  Since moving closer to family we have had a lot more of these.  It is so much easier to steal away for the evening when parents are minutes away instead of over an hour.  We tried a new spot and it was a good pick.

Today, I had leftover dessert and coffee for breakfast.  The pie was even better after sleeping in.  To sat in the quiet house and think about how yummy the food was last night and how great it was to be out and about with my husband.  It was wonderful just to talk, to sit and chat without any interruptions or any place to be.  It is even more amazing to me that we still have so much to say, after all these years.  

In the day-to-day we really get so little conversation that isn't interrupted.  We are shoulder deep in the season of "mama, dada, hold me, down please!!!!" (Theo still has up and down backwards.) Dinner is a constant chorus of chaos and interruptions.  Refills, manner reminders, half started sentences that never get finished and even more that never get started.

And it is so good, really.  Because after 19 years of having conversations with Michael, everyone of them is important.  We still have a lot to say.  Even if on most nights we get the leftovers of the words to share and piece together.  The leftovers are really good too.


bath time and being needed


We had done the park - twice.  Played cars and kitchen, washed laundry and cleaned, ran errands and played in the fountain.  Theo was on his third outfit by dinner.  Eva had changed her clothes on her own a few times.  I was exhausted.  Mentally and physically.  SO many needs - and I was the only one to here to meet them.  Daddy was working a 32 hour shift - probably longer - and we were only a little over 15 hours in.  

But there is something about bath time isn't there?  The cute, naked tooshies, sudsy hair, play boats and mermaids that makes sit all okay.  Then realizing I hadn't talked to my mom in a day or two and I need to call her tonight... that is all it took to snap me out of it.  

They do need me, a lot.   They need me for everything - saving them from cars in parking lots and washing their hair.  That is what I am here for, to take care of them and keep them safe, even though I forget sometimes.  Accidental bathtub drowning by your loving sibling is a real threat.  And it is good to be needed, because one day they soon they won't need as much. Then a little later than that, they will be tired, on the bathroom floor, giving a bath,  making mental notes to call their mom before they crash into bed - because they miss her lots and need to talk to a person that knows what a day like this is like.  A pretty great, but exhausting day.


Dear Deedle: nesting and suger

Hi little one.  31 weeks and a few days along here and things are getting real.  We are onto appointments every two weeks and by dinnertime my waddle is full on.  I physically need to take more breaks - get off my feet more.  But as soon as I do,  my head just swarms with things I need to get done.  The essentials.  You know, like taking the vacuum completely apart and washing it from top to bottom, inside and out.  Baking pans of rice to freeze for easy meals when you get here.  Reorganizing closets and getting rid of clutter by the bag full.  I have lists and lists - to do's, to clean, to get from amazon.  At night, your daddy and I are trying to find names that fit as we watch my rolling belly and wonder what body part is going to come flying up next.  Oh and you make me dream of ice cream.  I never have been a huge fan and now I am eating it sometimes daily.  Grow big little one.  Mama's doing her part out here with the extra fudge sauce.