Six years!
Happy Birthday Eva.



Here we are... less than 24 hours until you are officially 6!

This is you yesterday on your 100th day of kindergarten.  
With a refashioned womens skirt from the thrift store, some glasses, pearls and a vintage purse - you were ecstatic to be dressed as a "100 year old grandma" as you kept saying.  All the while I just could not get over you.  Such a big kid now.

It always sends my mind reeling to look at your baby pictures.  I see so much of you in those pictures - little glimpses at the little lady you are now.  The way you hold your mouth when you are thinking or the way your eyes light up and shine when you smile.  

But it is hard to look at you now and see that little baby sometimes.  It is getting all filled in with this long-legged, grinning girl.  You're so tall and all legs and arms, laughing and telling horrible knock-knock jokes.  (You are really bad at them by the way!)  Sometimes how much you have grown and changed slaps me in the face catching me off guard,  taking my breath away.

Instead of seeing that little, chubby baby, I now see these little spots and peaks of the teenager and grown up you are becoming.  Crossing your legs on the park bench, rolling your eyes a little when I get really sappy, raising your chin and staring me down when I am saying something you don't want to hear, putting your hand on your baby sister's back to help lead her in the right direction, becoming fascinated with an idea and asking question after question until you learn all you can, seeing far off places and wanting to go visit them, running to catch a friend at the bus and waving bye to me over your shoulder and then blowing me a kiss from the window, going over the alphabet with Theo and patiently correcting him when he calls a D a B. 

Your heart is so big and so beautiful, Eva.  Thank you for these six years of you.  

Happy Birthday.


little engineer

Tallest tower
While Eva is in school and Helena is napping - it is mommy and Theo time.  

We play cars, build garages, or he loves to help me with laundry.  He is a great basket dumper.
While I was folding and putting a load away he had built the "huggest" tower ever.
I think he described it just right... it was huge!




She stole my lipstick.
Lipstain actually... her clothes are still soaking.


spider girl


We watched the Spider Man movie and they are fans.
And somehow when they act it out - all of their mannerisms turn into grown up ones. 
Keep it up and slow it down little ones.



Reading Rainbow joining the Netflix lineup made this mama super excited.  Hands down, it is one of my favorite shows growing up - second only to 3,2,1 Contact.  Yes, I am a long time PBS junky.  And in the very first episode of RR, Levar goes bowling.

Theo has dubbed that episode the "Rolling Balls" episode and requests for bowling trips have been a constant.  So we go, and it is an event - as many Bixler family outings have become.  SIt is a great time, but as many things have evolved as we have added kiddos - things just take a bit longer.

Shoe changing takes a few minutes, especially when Helena keeps stealing the bowling shoes and running off.  (Bowling alleys are set up more like a jet runway than I realized.) Ball selection will take 15-20 minutes - and why are all the pretty balls 50 pounds??  Seriously.  Then there is who gets to go first and if we are using the helper ramp or not.   

SO by the time we actually play a game, (we being the two bigs and their daddy - I am Helena chasing - she might end up going to college on scholarship for sprinting.) we have a whole evening of family entertainment under our belts.  

It is better than a turkey - which Michael had.  Fun stuff.


Christmas Magic (Bombardment)

Carillon Park Tree

Family carrilon
Group shot

Warmest weather ever.

Christmas 2015
Christmas Pagent

Christmas 2015
The "blizzard"!

Christmas 2015
The girls go to the Nutcracker!

Christmas 2015
Gorillas at Zoo Lights.

Christmas 2015
Carousel rides.

Christmas 2015
Basement lights.

Christmas 2015
Cookie making.

Christmas 2015
Elf spotting.

Christmas 2015
Present wrapping

Gingerbread house decorating.

Present unwrapping.

Figuring out what she has.

Poppy and Goggy always bring pie. (And you can eat it in the living room.)

And she has a microphone... shows for days!

This December was the greatest.  
It was jam packed and full of good stuff.  
SO many things went undocumented but I swear I will never forget.  The kids are amazing and at the age that makes it all one hundred times better.  

They make every trip and fun activity seem like it has been dipped in glitter and covered in multi colored twinkling lights.

Eva, Theo and Helena: you bring the magic.