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11 years.
Sounds so long ago and yet it feels somedays like we are just starting.
Many moments have filled those years, those months, and those minutes.

You and me.  Me and you.

We have logged so many hours of conversations. Over coffee, pie, sushi, ice cream, the phone, instant messenger, dinners, wine, appetizers, breakfast, even whiskey, and more and more coffee.  All these years I looked forward to our meals, drinks, or moments stolen at Ikea while shopping alone.  Moments across our table, at a restaurant, on a bench, at a bar, in a waiting room or in a hospital room having conversations about everything and anything.  We have had them in different countries, new cities, in the car or most at our table or on our living room floor.  Some even have been joined by a baby (or three) - making it a threesome (or more).  I have looked forward to each one of them and wished them all to be a few minutes longer.  After all these years I still have a lot to listen too and a lot to say.

I look forward to tonights just a much as all the others.  Time with you, my love, my best friend and my husband.  

Happy Anniversary.


four and a half plus

Helena, you're actually almost 5 months old today.  
But, as a lot of things go with the third baby, I am a little behind.  At your appointment a few weeks a go, you were just a few ounces shy of 16 pounds and getting long at 25.5 inches.  I can't believe next month you will be six months old.  Talking about starting solids and trying foods with you seems just crazy.  I think you're going to be a lot like your sister and not be a huge fan of food for a while, but we will see.  

We have officially given up that you will ever take a bottle.  You don't cry anymore when we try, which is good I guess.  Instead, you give us a smirk and push it around in your mouth, bite it and chuckle.  It is like our stupidity and persistence amuse you.  Here is hoping that we can get you to at least take a sippy by the end of June.  There is a wedding that I have really looking forward to for a very long time... so pretty, pretty please.

You are still waking up once or twice through the night, but are back to sleep so easily it isn't a problem.  Naps are hit or miss around here.  Some days I get two really good naps and then other days you will take half a dozen 20 minute snoozes - most of them are with me holding you or in a carrier.  This would have stressed me out with your sister, but now I know that you'll eventually sleep without touching me continuously, so I am usually happy oblige.  

Your brother and sister think your the best, and you are starting to feel the same about them.  Hearing their voice causes you to start searching the room, looking for them.  You recognize your favorite people now and get so excited to see them.  Especially when your daddy gets home from work or your Poppy and Goggy visit.  You get so excited sometimes that you shake all over, kick and squeal.  The other morning you reached for me the first time - good stuff little one.



Can we have a meeting? 
Eva asked us to sit down at the table - she was calling her first family meeting. 
She wanted to discuss Theodore.  How he is always running and jumping off things.  And she really wanted to talk about how he is always interrupting - our talking and our playing.  Then a few seconds later, wouldn't you know that our meeting was interrupted...


now a preschooler

Theo's first day of preschool.  He ran in and hid so we couldn't make him leave.  He has been tortured every time we drop off his sister - all the rooms with chairs and tables his size.  And then there were the toys - bins and bins of blocks, cars, play food and magnetic letters.

There were no tears shed, except maybe mine as I stalked him through the window in the parking lot.  (Theo is in the orange shirt.) Watching him play and be such a big guy brought on the misty eye.  Then seeing him sitting down - at a table - not climbing on it - working on a project with all the other kids brought on a full size tear or two.


on three


Shhhh... I won't admit it out loud, but you guys are the boss.  We might make the rules but you're are the ones that call the shots.  The three of you teach me something new everyday - the infant, the brand new preschooler and the almost kindergartener.

I swore I wouldn't let motherhood define me.  Before you guys were here, I decided that being a mom would just be a small piece of a whole bunch of other parts that made me up.  I had no idea how huge this mom thing was, but in this picture are the three things that make me who I am.  24/7/365 I am your mom.  You are my jobs, my hobbies, and my free time.  I even write these posts, one-handed, on my phone while I nurse you Lena - hoping to copy and paste them later.  I know it won't always be this way, but for right now you three run the show.

On Valentine's Day, your daddy and I had a date night.  Thai take-out after the big kids were asleep.  We sat and had mostly uninterrupted conversation with a baby on our laps. We finished our sentences and had complete conversations.  It was amazing.  We somehow managed to get little Lena in bed and started a movie.  I made it halfway through before I fell asleep on the couch.  I am pretty sure I fell asleep smiling. 


evidence: coffee break


Still trying to figure out how they made it in there.


him and her

Showing her all about legos and cars.