holiday in photos

Ready for her first Christmas party.

Making Christmas cookies shaped like butterflies and suns.

a night seeing lights and meeting real reindeer

selfies on a horse drawn carriage ride and being up way past bedtime

half birthday celebrations for our 2.5 year old.

waiting on the wake-up and they had to be woke up at 8:30

sparkly princess gear and heels

new trains to add to the collection

princess gear being shared

so much fun and poppy and goggy's that naps are taken in a big boy bed with christmas lights

sparkly playdough sleepover party with Aunt Carri and Uncle Jesse intown

finally meeting cousin Aria and catching up with her mommy and daddy

Good night and goodbye 2014

The holidays were good to us.

We did a lot less stuff this year: less running and more snuggling, less wrapping and more playing, less rushing and more family.  I didn't worry (too much) about traditions to keep going from the years past. We still did yearly ornaments but we didn't make them until after Christmas.  We were visited by Gerald the Elf again, but a lot of days Gerald returned to the same spot as the day before and one time - two days in a row.  He was taking it easy this year too.

We had one holiday party without the older kiddos.  Helena wore a red bow and I wore her the whole time as she snoozed.  Eva and Theo had what Eva called her pizza/babysitter party.  We bought the few gifts we wanted to give mostly online.  Eva and I made a batch of cookies one afternoon and Theo helped us decorate them the next day. We used a box mix and a tub of bright green icing that stained all our fingers.  When going to pick out a tree was becoming more of a chore than fun trip, Michael ran out one night and bought an artificial tree on super sale. The kids were asleep so Gerald the elf gifted it to them the next morning. The tree was left un-ornamented and just filled with lights so no one had to worry about breaking/losing/missing ornaments.  We enjoyed lots and lots of family and adopted family-time - ordered Thai take-out and made easy dinners.  Michael and I took turns sleeping in and went to bed at 9 to ring in the new year.  

Doing less things may be the best tradition yet.  


this guy

3 stitches... There was a fall/thump sound and a Theo saying "ouch, oh man." I was not worried.  
At the sink, hands deep in suds, we are used to falls and bumps everyday.  Then I heard the "blood-curdling, I am in major pain" scream.  Oh crap.

In the dining room I met a crime scene.  In the middle of the blood everywhere was a Theodore shaking and splattering blood on our walls.  It took me few minutes to find the 1/2 inch cut causing the "immense" blood loss.  It was the 3 hour wait at the children's urgent care - surrounded by flu-like symptoms.  Eva was lucky to have a Grandpa pizza party at home.  I kept Helena in the carrier and tried to keep Theo from crawling on the floor.  Three tiny stitches in the forehead and a popsicle and we were good to go.

When the doctor asked, "First stitches?" I said yes and last stitches.  The doctor laughed and laughed.  And then brought me a mini first aid kit.  Oh man, boys are nuts.


christmas stuff

Our tree -all lights and no ornaments.

Oh, and a slightly crooked star.

The fireplace... and the lights.  I love the fire and the kids love the lights.

Gerald the elf.

And the kids tree - and the ornaments I have found during nap time.  It also makes a great plane or a rocket ship for Theodore. 3...2...1...take off!!!


 I know I have the same amount of it as everyone else...but why do I feel like I have less than ever? December is almost over!  So what have we been up too?
Eva was in awe of Santa... rock star awe and would not sit on his lap.  Just stood back and covered her mouth.  It was like she was in the presence of one of the Beatles.  Theo sat on his lap but hated he it.  He could not understand Eva's fascination with the bearded fellow in the big chair.
Helena slept through it all.  It was overall very hilarious.

Eva's Preschool Christmas program was so sweet.  Finding her a dressy outfit that was: a waistless dress, with short sleeves and no itch was interesting.  I ended up with a tutu skirt, silver headband and sparky shoes to make normal clothes look festive.  We are in a "strong opinion" phase of clothing and I am so thankful for the  seamless socks we purchased off Amazon.  Lifesavers.

Still attempting this... I am sure it will click one day.  Right now I think he just believes this is a weird way to pay cars and planes.  He tells me he likes his diapers.  I don't like them.

Watching the snow.  It is always amazing to watch them be so surprised at the white stuff.  It makes me giddy when I see it in the forecast because I know it will make them happy.  They love the snow.


evidence: making faces

Recently discovered photos on my phone... along with 200 more.


evidence: crayons

Someone prefers their crayons naked and broken in half.  At least half of the box.
But then, "Oh no, my colors are broken, Oh no mama.  Oh No!"


2 months

Two months little one.  
And lots of new things are happening.  

You smile.  It is one of my favorite things right now - getting a gummy smile from you.  You recognize the voices and faces of the people you know and really prefer your daddy and sister Eva.  You seem to laugh, but so far it is a silent and sweet head bob with a huge grin.  No giggles yet, but I am sure they are coming.  You are cooing and chattering all the time.  It is the sweetest sound.

At your check-up today you weigh 10 lbs. 14 oz and are almost 23" tall.  Right on track and holding steady in those percentile curves.  You had to get some nasty shots.  Theo was there and after the first shot he started yelling "Stop it, stop it" (really thop it, thop it) at the nurse.  He was pretty mad and shaking his finger at her.  Then while I soothed you he came and patted your head, "It's okay Lena, it's okay. Shhh Shush Lena." You really smooth his edges little one. 

You still are refusing a bottle or a pacifier.  Trials have mostly ended up with blood curdling screams or you gagging and throwing up.  I am hopeful that you will change your mind so we keep trying.  You have been making a concerted effort to get your thumb in your mouth and I would rather that not be a battle we fight later... so we press on. 

You are hitting a little pattern with eating and sleeping.  Mostly eating every 2-3 hours during the day with a long stretch at night from about 10-3.  You will throw in a round or two of cluster feedings - eating every 30 minutes or so for a few hours.  We had few weeks where you were such an unhappy camper.  There were long bouts of crying and screaming.  A few days of reflux meds and you have been a much happier baby.

Here is one from a few weeks ago earlier in November... can't believe how much you have grown.

Seeing you grow and watching you become a part of our family has been amazing to me.   How things shift and make room, how hearts grow. Being a big sister again has made Eva so very motherly.  She loves to care for you and help me.  Becoming a big brother has been so great for Theo.  He is a pretty rough and tumble guy, but he slows down almost everytime he passes you just to say hello and maybe even kiss your head.

We love you Helena.