Some nights you get to stay up past your bedtime.  Just Eva and the mom and dad.  Hanging out and hopefully making memories.  This night I hope you remember weeding the flowerbeds, singing songs and dancing - with your shoes on the wrong feet.  Good stuff.


our garden


My little helpers in the garden.  Weeding, wheel barrel "lifting" and dirt consuming trio.  This year I tried to be better about crowding the plants and I still ended up with a jungle.  And Helena likes to eat dirt while Eva and Theodore like to feed it to her.  Win win all around.


10 months


Helena you are 5/6th the way to being a big one year old.

You are trying to walk.  Taking a few steps here and there and so proud of yourself.  I seriously can't stand how excited you get when you walk.  And then your big sister and big brother are there cheering you on... I melt.

Still pretty hairless and holding strong.  You make bald gorgeous.  You love food and really love fudges cycles... you can thank being the third kid on getting those chocolate treats this early in the game.

So far sleeping through the night is a no, but you are sleeping better since we splurged on a zipadeezip.  Never would have thought it would help this late in the game - but again I am humbled as a mother.  (And there had been no compensation - but I am sharing our luck.)

You are opinionated, loving and a spit fire.  Your hair that is almost showing is declaring you to be a redhead... and I would expect nothing less.  We love you to pieces Helena.


the beach


The Bixlers at the beach.

We spent a week in South Carolina at the end of May.  We stayed in the same place we did when Theo was a little guy and Eva remembers it now.  She calls it "our beach" and all other beaches are considered a new beach.

It was Helena's first beach trip and she was a fan.  We swam and ate and swam some more.  Met up with some of our favorite friends, found new parks to play and explored the ocean.

There was a jellyfish sting and all Mr. Theodore had to say about it was, "Ouch that hurt."  Seriously, he's a bruiser.  Eva was pinched by a crab and was a little more upset by it.

We had a babysitter and we went out to dinner, alone, for the first time since last summer.  Other than a few trips to meet up with our friends, we barely left the condo.  It was a great way to start our summer.


summer break


This is precisely how we all felt about summer - maybe just a little less squinting...  It feels like forever since I sat down to update this little space of ours.

We've been on a beach vacation, swimming, jumping off the diving board, big house projects, working in the garden, potty training, taking walks, eating ice cream, and RV trip planning.  Its is about time I got things caught up around here.



Their Poppy and my dad.

I am so happy about how my babies love their PopPop... or their papaw, poppy and grandpa Don. 
He loves them unconditionally and always waiting to spoil them rotten.  Their grandpa is amazing.  They know it and love him with all their hearts.  I am so very lucky that I get to call him dad.

When you are 15 years old, and your dad is grounding you - again... it is so easy to forget.
You forget the love, the concern and the whole "your child is your heart beating outside your body" issues that make things crazy.  You think that his job is easy, until you have it.

So thank you dad...
for all the early mornings, late nights, crappy jobs, middle of the night store runs, the hours in the ER or urgent care, car hunting, driving lessons, home repair, babysitting, pick-ups and drop-offs, baby holding, grand kids loving, hardware store runs, broken window repairing... I could go on for days, but you get the idea.

You told Michael the other day how much you love, appreciate and respect him.  He was a little speechless but tried to say how he feels about you.  I know we could never tell you, but you and mom mean the world to us and our gang.  Watching you and mom - the unconditional love you guys have for each other - it has taught Michael and I the most about being married than anyone else.

We love you to the moon and back... and back again.
Happy Father's Day!


There are lucky kids, and then there are our babies.
SO lucky to have you as a dad.  They probably won't remember all the nights you danced them to bedtime, all the songs you sang, all the books you read, or all the couch cuddles you gave... But I know they will remember that you were there, loving them to no end, being their champion. The love you give them - mentally and physically, making them your priority over all other things.
It matters.  And it matters a lot.

To the best dad I know... making our babies the best loved babies in the land...

Happiest Father's Day to you!