Name Change

A few months ago, Eva started writing her name with the letters "AB" at the end on all of her papers from school.  At first I wasn't sure if she was just practicing, or trying to write her last name?  When I asked her about it, at first she just said she liked the "AB" - it gave her more letters.  

At her kindergarten screening a few weeks ago they had the kids find their own name tags and then bring their parents the huge (really huge) stack of paperwork under them.  Eva walked down the row of names, stopping ever so briefly at her own name and then moved on.  She then tells the teacher that her name wasn't there.  So the teacher asks her name.  "It's Eva."  So her and the teacher go to the tag that says her first and last name and the teacher asks if this was her name.  "Nope that's not it. My name is Eva AB.  That is my old name.  Didn't my mom tell you?"

Yeah, so she has changed her name.  Eva AB.  And I have also been informed that when she turns 6, on her very special next birthday, her name is going to change.   
It will be Eva ABC.


evidence: not so marvelous

Someone did not think the Slinky was a marvelous thing... I was told because it was a bad bouncer.
I actually would have to agree - it never "walked" down the stairs like that commercial.


his boots

Theo really likes his new rainboots. He's now worn them for a few naps and insisted on them for bedtime last night.  At around 2 in the morning, I think he had a nightmare and woke up screaming.  As I rocked him back to calm, I slipped his boots off while I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  When I laid him down almost fully asleep, his little arm shot up and then pointed at his feet - "my boots please." So I slid them back on.



Eva came home from school asking for chores and an allowance.  Then she asked me what was an allowance.  After we talked it through, she was excited to have "my own dollars" and save for something special.  So we made a chore list.  The last two were my idea, obviously.
·picking up dirty clothes·
·picking up her toys·
·keeping blankets and her pets in her bed·
·putting shoes and coats in the closet·
·being a great listener·
·using nice words and gentle hands·
Dishes were not on her list but she was so excited to get started she took over for me.  She is currently saving her weekly allowance for a new fairy doll. 
Last night, the toys in the living room were picked up and put away in record time!



My four.
Sometimes seeing them all in one place shocks me.
Fairy wings, princess gowns and a extremely bald baby.
Three babies and the coolest guy I know that help me make them.  
My Family.


evidence: goggy and poppy

Evidence that love can come in multiple forms... grandparents, liquid and cookies.  
Eva and Theo say thank you and they love you back!


April 11th - moments

Saturday, April 11, 2015

1:15 am or so
I am up feeding Helena - she goes right back to sleep but I don't.  I hate that.  I start a load of laundry in the washer (laundry is a sure fire way to make your self tired right?) and lay down.  The last time I looked at the clock it was a little after 2:00.

4:30 am
Alarm goes off to change Theo.  We are struggling with keeping him and his bed dry through the night.  So far, changing him has helped him sleep better and wake up with a dry bed.  Right now I remember I want to do a day-in-our-life post and why not today.

5:37 am
Helena is up wanting her morning snack.  We both go right back to sleep.

7:00 am
Micheal's alarm goes off!  We rarely make it to the alarm going off so hooray! Ten minutes later the big kids wake up.  Mike heads out to get them going with morning milk and snuggles. I am baby snuggling trying to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep.

7:20 am
Helena is slapping me in the face and laughing so I give in.  Head into the living room to see the kiddos and find Eva and her daddy snuggling on the couch.  I add one baby to the mix and Micheal heads back to get ready to leave for work.

7:30 am
Breakfasts and more breakfasts.  Make coffee and snack on an apple while refilling kiddos bowls.
Eva loves purple pillows (blueberry shredded wheat), but only the ones that are properly iced.  Switch the load of laundry I started at 2:00 am like and insane person.

7:40 am
Michael heads in to work.  He asks me why I am taking so many pictures.  He's riding his bike today and tells me not to take any pictures of him riding.  I am not a great listener.

8:02 am
Set the kids up on the computer while I feed Helena.  Eva is on Nick Jr. teaching Theo.  He is not being a very good listener and he keep apologizing.  Sorry Mrs. Eva Sister, Sorry.

8:20 am
While getting some breakfast for me, I realize the drawbacks to having a tub of worms in the fridge.  Especially with a teeny tiny crack in the lid.  They have escaped!!!  I feel bad gathering them up and sticking them back in their "cage" and promise them they will get set free today.  SO I spend the next  20 minutes de-worming and disinfecting the fridge while texting Michael and Carri (the worm gifter) about the great escape.

8:42 am
Dress the kiddos.  We are teaching Theo to dress himself and he is hilarious with it because he hates to be without his shirt.   Switch the laundry again.  Get Helena happy in her exersaucer while I get things folded, change the sheets and make the bed.
9:10 am
Set the big kids up coloring and I put Helena down for her nap.  I have been trying her morning nap in Theo's crib making the slow transition to full-timer.

9:45 am
Get the kitchen cleaned up, make a smoothie and get lunches started. Clean the master bath, take a shower and get myself dressed.  Workout clothes for the win.  We plan on a T25 session when Michael gets home.  I left my hair in the towel too long and it dried in a crazy spiked-all-over way.  #shorthairproblems

11:20 am
Helena is up and we head to the park.  Eva runs into a bunch of friends from school and Helena has her lunch while we soak up the sunshine.

12:37 pm
Back home.  Grab our lunches and eat out on the patio.

1:15 pm
Michael is home! The kiddos are playing outside with him.  I put the laundry away and make up a batch of seasoned salt.  We ran out with my lunch and I use it on everything.
2:05 pm
Theo's napping and I get Helena down for her afternoon nap too.  Michael and I have our date with Shaun T and Total Body Circuit.

2:45 pm
We are out doing yard work.  Theo wakes up and I end up wearing Helena in the carrier. We do some work on the raised beds we put together and Michael mows.

 4:05 pm
Our neighbor is chopping wood and Theo is in heaven watching him "bust the logs!" We play with the worms one last time and they go back to the garden.

4:30 pm

Michael heads back to work for an overnight shift. I get the kids settled into a little TV.  I pop the pizza in the oven for our pizza party and get a shower.  Cleaning it as I go.

5:15 pm
While the pizza is cooling I clean the hall bathroom. I get the movie up and running on Netflix - Ferngully.  We all four set down and enjoy the food and movie.

7:35 pm
The kids are getting ready for bed.  We brush teeth, sing songs, and sing more songs.

8:27 pm
After a few return trips to threaten retuck and encourage the kids into bed... all is quiet.  A happy Helena and I fold a load of laundry.  A feed, swaddle and rocking of our baby girl is next.  

8:55 pm
Helena is asleep.  I make some popcorn and settle in with Netflix.  Parenthood is on docket and although it makes me cry - I really like it.  

10:05 pm
I am in bed and soon asleep.  Helena didn't wake up until 12:30... 
so that was our whole day.