evidence that Theo was here
I went to get the mail and instead I found a safari.



You were a little overwhelmed and a whole lot nervous Miss Eva.  Daddy became an assistant coach to keep you on the field.  I think you might need a few more practices to warm up, but I really hope you start to enjoy it.  When I asked what your favorite part of soccer was you said, "the yummy juice at the end!"  You are willing to go back and try again, once I told you that the juice is standard protocol.
PS - Watching 4 year olds chase each other, coaches, and a few dozen balls around is hysterical.


plane, bugs, holes and tantrums

Mr. Theo
There have been lots of big changes lately.  You are now talking up a storm.  Gone is the babbling and couple of words here and there.  You are speaking full sentences, repeating everything you hear and coming up with your own funny jokes.  Some favorite questions are "What?" and "Why?" - and an answer is expected and if you don't like the answer you just ask again. Along with that are some crazy tantrums.  Throw yourself on the floor, kicking and screaming tantrums.  You good at them.

Leaving your sister at preschool this past week was rough on you little man. Being the little guy and sitting out on things like preschool and soccer is so unfair, I know.  I have been making special trips to new parks during preschool time so that you get something just for you.  Even though I can tell you love all the one-on-one attention - you still ask "Where's sissy?" every 20 minutes or so.  You both are really glad to see each other at pick-up time and give big unprompted hugs... if you only knew what that does to this mommy's heart.

You favorites right now are planes, anything big with wheels, dirt, rocks, holes, water, bugs, and mud.  We are going thru 3-4 clothing changes a day around here.  I don't know how you manage it - but if there is a mess to find you are knee deep in it.  And if there is not a mess, there will be one soon.  You leave trails and evidence wherever you go... I have rocks in the car and mulch in the washer.    The acorn and dead bug in my purse made me giggle - and I think it graduated me to full on "mom of a little boy" status.  Thanks Mr. Theo.  Love your mama.



First day of the last year of preschool.  Officially a pre-k kid.  I would love to say there were no tears shed, but we were a little misty eyed as she ran down the hall and ditched us for her new classroom and assigned seat.   A class of 10 girls and 2 boys.  After class the girls compared twirly dresses in the hall and giggled a lot.  Even though she can't remember their names yet, they are all her best friends. 



3 in the bed
3 in the bellies
sad girls saying goodbye
Finally catching up with friends we haven't seen in way too long - that was our Labor Day weekend.  It was so good to catch up and watch the kids wear each other out.  It's hard to imagine that in a few months, our crew of seven will become a crew of TEN - as we add a Deedle and they add twin girls to the mix.  Six kiddos and only four adults... we are going to be heavily outnumbered!
*thanks Kellie for the first photo - love it.



new ballet class
This year required real ballet shoes and a uniform of pink.  Instead of sitting in my lap the entire first class like last year, even with a new school and new instructor, Miss Camille,  she ran in and didn't give  me a second thought. I was shuffled off the the parents room to wait.  I snuck back to the door to take a peak a few times... and stare at her, all legs and arms, twirling and leaping across the dance floor.

Our little ballerina.


Dear Deedle: closing in


Dear Deedle,
Here we are at 34 weeks.  Now we are almost to 35 and the clock ticks. Your body parts are shoving and morphing my belly into something from poltergeist.  It is hilarious... especially when you do this in public to unsuspecting non-parent types.  They kinda freak.  It looks like you are trying to climb out the front, but you are just rearranging things.  

I bought the last item on my "need to buy" list this week.  Unless you are really small and need lots of newborn clothes - we are set.  My to-do list is not that bad really.  A lot of it is just things to the house that I "would like" to have done before you arrive.  Less to worry about later.  But essentially things are ready for you after a few loads of laundry.  

Boy do I feel pregnant.  Woah buddy.  By the end of the day I am tired and can't wait to get off my feet.  And those feet have started to swell just a tiny bit by the end of the day.  Everything else is looking good.  My doctor has been happy with everything so far and we are holding our own - lab work wise.  After a few rounds of strange results, we were sent in for the gamut of testing.  The doctor was worried - but after taking 7 vials of blood and a 24 hour urine sample - we passed with flying colors.  Keeping everyone on their toes already Deedle?  

Can't wait to hold you in a few weeks.  After 37 you are free to arrive. All lung developed and such.
All my love,