I know I am a perfectionist...

I love completing a task, project or planned event and looking at the results and feeling the words, "It is perfect!" quietly and slowly whisper in my head.  It is like a drug.  When the images in my head end up right before my eyes, it is a great moment.

But moments like these are not real life.  Yes, they can happen.  More often than not though, it just lead to disappointment and me turning a critical eye on the world.

I caught myself this weekend, in a perfectly hilarious moment with my husband.  We were having a water fight in the car and it was a lot of fun. Right before we had been getting pretty snippy with one another - which lead to the water fight.  During the may lay, I made a plan to have another water fight, in the future without the bickering beginning - it would be more perfect that way.

I seriously need to step back and enjoy our moments.  I am letting to many of them slip by in planning my next.  There is nothing more perfect than enjoying the moments as they come.  

"Striving to better, oft we mar what's well." - William Shakespeare

I promise to enjoy our moments... not plan for better ones.

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