Spring Rain

After 80 degree days and sunshine...

I am ecstatic about the cool down and rain.  Now don't get me wrong - I love the summer weather.  I just do not agree with skipping seasons.  Each season has a reason and a certain sent.  There is a smell that is undeniably linked to each turn in the weather.  On my way to work this morning, I was greeted by the cool breeze with hints of rain and my world smelled of Spring.  
Some people see Spring as a new beginning.  I think of it more like cleaning your glasses.  I always have dirty glasses.  I don't wear them often and so I touch the lenses with abandon.  My husband loves to comment on how they look, like a preschoolers glasses with dirty finger prints all over them.  He doesn't understand how I can wear them around like that, all smudged and clouded over.  I guess it because the dirt accumulates gradually, spots at a time and I get used to it.  

He, a long-time glasses wearer, cleans them for me.  Then, when I put on the freshly cleaned lenses, it is like seeing a whole new world.  I can see the details and it is like a veil has been lifted from over my eyes.  Everything is crisp and in high contrast.  That is what Spring is for me... getting my glasses cleaned.  Not a new start, just a better look at where you have been all along.

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