Okay... I know it is fiction, but...

I have never been a follower of TV sitcoms.  There was Seinfled, Friends, Sex and the City and now Grey's.  I accidentally watched this show on lazy Sundays  Sunday's are fine, nothing planned in the evening  Then it moved to Thursdays.  I moved my schedule to suit.

Tonight, I cried at the images of love and friendship.  Even though it is dramatic theater at its best, with actors and bad medical imagery.  It is also a trigger for the personal emotions of sacrifice and love.  To bypass your own wedding day to give someone else the day they never thought was possible is so moving.  

The thing the moves me the most, is that I have a best friend that this would be imaginable.  I would do it for her and imagine her doing it for me.  Oh yeah, and the husband... my Mike would so love me bald.  How lucky am I?  I know that answer... I am the luckiest.

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Verily I go. said...

You are the luckiest. A friend like that and a husband like that. Yes Ma'am. I've been snoping....actually I'm much more advanced than most.. I am a spy. blog spy. OK, I wanted to be a spy when I was 6. You will be an awesome guard to small and precious. So much in the cosmos, good grief...are you guys moving too? Saw grey's. Thank goodness alone.