My husand

Another reason I love him so much...

Over the past three or so years, I gained some weight.  A few pounds here and there.  First my loose pants became less loose and the pair I bought that was too big now fit just right. Then last summer those pants were too tight and I decided enough was enough.  I can't afford a new wardrobe... so I better start eating less and working out more.  

I made a big push for my best friends wedding and lost  most of the weight.  Then I made another push just recently to get back in shape - better to do it now than after.

Now to one of the reasons I love my husband...  a few months ago he asked me why I had bought my pants too big.  He hadn't noticed the weight loss at all... because he never noticed the weight gain.  When I told him that I had lost weight (and that prior to the loss I had gained it) he barely believed me.  Then he said, "You look great, hun, and you looked great last year you always look amazing."  He is amazing.

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