Mother's Day - Early

But first thing this morning...

Mike and I woke up, realizing there was no coffee or cereal.  Fine for me, but unacceptable for him.  We decided to walk to the market.  It was a great idea - sun just filling the sky and few people out.  Silly thing to do when still half-asleep (me), and really hungry (Mike).  I should have known it was going to be bad when Mike grabbed a cart for just coffee and cereal.  After lugging home three bags of groceries and hanging out for a few hours before Mike had to leave for is shift - I said goodbye and went to scoop up mom.  

She works tomorrow, so today was her Mothers Day.  For her presents, I had found her a Texas Ware Bowl - she had been coveting the one Mrs. Ray uses as a garbage bowl forever now.  To replace the rose bush that bit the dust last year, I found her a new one that the Garden Center swears is hearty and hard to kill.  I am not sure they believed me on the black thumb mom and I both have, but I crossed my fingers.  Mom loved them both.

Then we started our Mom's Day by heading to the flea market.

There is mom just inside the door.  We picked up some home grown veggies, and I found two vintage silver rings for a song - but the flea market was a little sad.   Many of the booths were empty and the outside vendors were less garage sale meets antique mart than I remember.  There were just tons of booths selling knock-off purses and clothing.  We had fun anyway.

Then mom mentioned that she had never been to Ikea.  So we went.  I haven't been since last year - and I know there are always deals to be had.    Mom called it a "country all its own" which I think means it was huge in her own way.   I found a few great things.  She found me some great lamps - and wouldn't let me buy them for myself - she wanted to get them for me.   She wanted to get me one of everything.  The lamps were such a steal, I let her get me two and I got the other one.  I put up pictures when installation is complete.

I loved spending the day with her.  Working the hours lately, I haven't been able to stop over as often.  All and all - it was a great day.

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