Our house

Little did we know...

That when we moved into our first home - not so excited about the over-grown yard, burber carpet and Barney purple bedrooms, we would end the four-year journey in love with our home.  We remodeled every room and we did it together  Neither one of us had a clue, but with a lot of google searches, trips to the hardware store, and help from my contractor father - we created a space so "us" that selling it made us cry.  Only a move almost a hundred miles away for Micheal's residency would have forced us to leave our little blue nest.
Our living room, with the couch that I loved... hardwood floors we redone ourselves and the $10 fan I found on a Target clearance score... painted the blades and ta-da!  The art in the background is a signed woodcut 1970's that I found at a Catholic thrift store for $5.

This is our kitchen.  The best stove ever - a combo microwave with convection oven - scratch and dent at Best Buy for $700 plus a hundred dollar gift card.
And lastly our bedroom... with our Overstock bed that cost $200.  I love great deals.  There is Cezzy at the end of the bed.  Our last old windows before dad helped us change those last few.
The stark presentation (i.e. no clutter, personal pics and other furniture) was the result of our realtor and plenty of HGTV on how to stage a home to look larger.   WE miss our first home greatly... especially now in our one bedroom apartment.  (Our house had 2 bedrooms, a patio, a garage, and a shed...)  Soon we will be house hunting again.  Making more memories and a new space to love.

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