Unexpected Tuesday fun...

We went to dinner with friends unseen in a while at the Knotty Pine... great food and good conversation.  Thanks Kevin and Courtney - especially Courtney who had only slept an hour after being on-call at the hospital.  We were glad to see you both!

Then Michael and I had dessert at Devinci Cafe and made a spur of the moment run to Barnes and Noble with 8 minutes to close... and I found a treasure...

A leather bound, and beautifully decorated Jane Austen collection.  It is large, heavy and library-like!  I am in love.  Even  the back is decorated in lovely gold, white and blue flowers.

It is perfect... and it was under $19!  What a deal for 7 great works in an amazing display.  I can't wait to start reading... and it has a built in silk ribbon bookmark!  

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