The Weekend


I went to visit my parents.  Michael was working really late so I headed over to moms for some doses of the parents.  It turned out not to be so relaxing.

My brother has had some problems.  He makes bad choices and has bad friends.  I believe that deep down he really wants to the right things, but as we all know, the right thing can also be the hard thing.  He is trying to go back to college, and needed help on his math.  I told him to be ready when I came over, so we could get into it and then leave time for me to spend with mom and dad.  

My brother was not ready to study, and mom and dad have different approaches in dealing with him.  Mom is "all hands on deck" method, where everyone should be trying and interfering to get my brother on the right path.  Dad is more "hand off" and feels he should not have to push and prod.  So, they argued over how to get him to sit down with me.  What a mess!  Also I want to mention, my brother is 25, not 18.

Went to a local garage sale  - post pictures of my finds tonight.  

Then, met up with Cristy, her hubby and Lauren for lunch at Young's Dairy Farm.  Fun fun fun.  Lauren insisted on called Cristy mama (usual) and calling me mom (new).  It was funny and warm and fuzzy for me especially.  

To make up for Friday, I up with mom for some shopping.  I made it to the Goodwill and the antique store on my way home.  

Michael left early for golf and "man night" at our friends in Cleveland.  I missed him.

Michael was home.  We went open house-ing.  We did not go into to any, but we saw a house that will soon be on the market that we absolutely love.  

At Michael's insisting, I bought new running shoes.  Mine had been making my feet sore, but I HATE spending so much money on shoes that I think are ugly.  I conceded, because I know that he was right.

Michael also had great news from Cleveland.  One of our friends are having their first baby.  With only a tiny bit of jealousy, I am so very happy for them.  I am working on the jealous part.  I am not very proud to say that the tiny part of me that thinks bad things, grew for a few minutes into a self induced pity party.  I am proud to say that I silenced the monster.

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Verily I go. said...

It was a lovely weekend? Mostly? Averaged? I'm no good with the math either but I could give the shopping a fair shake. At least they call him the 'little' green monster. Good squash.