A post by on one of my favorite blogs, PVE Design,  had me thinking about my favorite flower.  I knew the answer immediately... dandelions!  

The reasons:

They only come around in the summer.  
They have the brightest, happiest faces.
Then they turn white and become so lacy and delicate.  
Little ones and adults, like me, delight in blowing the the fluff into the air.  
Get lucky and catch a little bit as it floats by and tradition in my family was that you make a wish.  
Anyone can grow them - even black thumbs like me.  
It was the first bouquet I ever gave someone, I am sure, and it was too my mom.
Great on salad - and I have never tried it, but PVE informed me they make great tea.  

Not only is PVE a great artist - take a look at her paintings - she is creative, talented and very inspiring.  I was up early and inspired on a Saturday - so early I had time to post this!
I realized, I had NO photos of my favorite, so before I head out this morning I snapped these... lovely no?

Well, I am off!  One of our local towns is having a community garage sale and I am looking or bargains!

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Verily I go. said...

I have always wondered who laid down the weed law. It grows green, flowers pretty, is a happy plant...?? What monster madness says it's a weed? I love them too and I have heard of dandilion tea, never tasted though.