We are leaving for a mini vacation tonight...

And I am sick.  Coughing, running nose, sneezing and trouble sleeping due to all of the above.

I was feeling so sorry for myself yesterday on my way home.  Poor me... Michael is in Pittsburgh.  He is testing to get his official medical license - so he no longer has to run on a temp. and I am left to get ready for the trip, get the house in order by my self.  On top of that, I was sick.  I am incredibly grumpy and irrational when I don't feel well.

Then, after a  l o n g  day at work.  I hit a wall of rain and stopped traffic.  Nothing like that to top off your evening.  Especially when I was half way into a huge pity party gala of my own.

Then I looked to my right and saw this...

Then after we started moving and stopped a mile later I saw this...

How can you feel sorry for yourself when surrounded by beautiful rainbows?  With traffic stopped, I had the chance to enjoy them.  What a big way to say "Slow down and enjoy the moment."  It made me wonder how many "rainbows" I miss every day.  

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