New Place

We will be getting a new place...
For our new face! Michael went today and talked to our leasing office about getting a larger apartment. We had been under discussions for a while about buying, staying or upgrading. With things up in the air with where Michael will end up for fellowship, we decided not to buy. It was tempting. We miss our house... "our" place.

But, on the to upgrade... we will be moving in September or October to a 2 bedroom unit with hardwood floors and a washer and dyer in the unit!

No more quarters required! I cannot wait. I really miss throwing a load in the washer and then being able to wait a few hours to move it to the dryer. In our complex, if you are even 10 minutes late on getting your things it will be lumped on one of the folding tables. I always feel like I am bing chastized when our laudary is on the folding table. It reminds me of getting your desk dumped when you were in grade school. Yes, I was one of those messy kids.

Another triumph, is not having to stop at the car wash to get questers on the way home. Sad, but true, our complex does not have a change machine.

Best part of all... a room for baby that we can decorate, enjoy and share half of its closet!

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Verily I go. said...

I am laughing a good one for you. Just WAIT until you see how much your sweet baby will not share a closet with you. If I had your address....I'd be sending baby clothes. They are completely irresistable. The washer/dryer/baby combo is a must, good job.