Happy Friday!

Ultra sound today... and I was so excited last night. Michael and I even did some online window shopping for the nursery. He still doesn't like my chair but he is now calling it "alright" instead of ugly.

Then this morning I hear that the first ultra sound is internal! That is not the was it is in all the movies! Now why doesn't the Doctor mention this? You think that would be an important bite of information for a patient who wanted to visit the office prior to her first appointment - just to get familiar with the office and the staff.

I have a raging dislike for all things health related - doctors, nurses, dentists, hospitals, tests, needles, waiting rooms, trays with tools on them... you name it and I would rather be without it. What to I go and do... I marry a doctor! Granted when I met Michael, we were in middle school, but none the less - I am sleeping with the enemy.

Both Michael and Cristy parlay this internal ultrasound information on me - "oh, you didn't know... well maybe your office is different..." My best friends in the whole world are so much alike - they even tried to console me today with the same phrases without hearing eachother.

I guess this will not be the last little surprise I am going to get... maybe this is just preparation for all the others. Wait until my first ER visit for stitched or broken bone... oh boy oh boy (or girl)!

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down and out chic said...

what an exciting day (sleeping with the enemy, haha makes me laugh). have a wonderful weekend!