Orange and Green

Knowing that we will not know...

We have decided on orange and green for the baby's room.  So how excited was I when Down and Out Chic posted about this color scheme and one of my favorite movies all in one post.  

Loving this picture she had for a child's room:
Polka - dots to boot! I was going to get a white rocker - but I think it has to be orange now.  Michael thinks the bottom is unattractive, but I am getting pretty much what I really beg for these days.

I REALLY want a bright colored crib bedding.  I am having the hardest time finding what is in my head in reality.  I need to get my sewing  machine fixed... in a hurry.


Jules said...

How's your mom doing? I would duplicate that room exactally!! It's adorable. When are you due?


down and out chic said...

thanks for the mention! your nursery is going to be darling!