It has been a rough couple of days...

One of my loves in this world - food - has lost its appeal, good will, and fun.  I wake up in the morning and, before I move from bed, my stomach is flipping and flopping.  It reminded me of a fish on the dock - until the thought of fish made it even worse.

Wednesday night, Michael even picked up my favorite Chinese take-out.
 Image: Columbusneon

I don't eat Mark Pi's very often - all the salt, oil and sugars, but i was so looking forward to it.  Then, once the delicous, steaming plate was infront of me, the only thing that I could eat was the broth from the hot & sour soup.  

I made myself have a bite of the soup only after I took a bite of the main meal.  I barely ate my beloved Mongolian Beef.  It was sad to see it go to waste... so sad.  

Our first ultrasound is next Friday.  I can not wait.  

My Cristy just called, and she is bringing me soup from Panera.  I am so lucky.


Jules said...

congratulations!!! i'm excited to follow your journey over the next months. i just found out i am going to be a grandma today!

Verily I go. said...

I tried to convince my doctor '2 eggs a day' could be had in a cake. Didn't work. Hang in there sweatheart.