An almost friend

... was met on my first doctors appointment. It was her first appointment too. We were both clueless on how to sign-in and very nervous. Both of our first babies, both without husbands that day, both new to this doctors' office and very excited. So we decided to stick together.

There were some insurance issues with a few patients at the front desk, so we stood in line for 20 minutes chatting and then sat down beside each other to fill out paperwork.

Megan and I exchanged e-mails and chatted off and on. Just this week we started planning on a dinner out together.

I had an appointment last Friday and her appointment was this Monday. She rescheduled it to yesterday. We had a habit of checking-in at each appointment - sharing news. Since I had heard the heartbeat last Friday, she was really looking forward to her appointment yesterday.

She e-mailed me this morning. They couldn't find a heartbeat with Doppler, so they did an ultrasound. She is right around where I am, 12-13 weeks - the baby had no heartbeat and was measuring at 8-9 weeks. So it had stopped growing.

I am so sad for her. I barely knew her, but I really was looking forward to getting to know her better. Thinking of Megan.

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sarah m said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! Sorry to hear of your friends' loss. I imagine that would be very difficult.