Writing Wednesday

Today's topic that struck my fancy from Momma Kat was...

#3. What are YOU giddy about?

It was funny that I read this today - because I am actually giddy.

- I feel GREAT today for the first time in a while. I am not tired. I have no headache. My stomach is full of food and not nauseous. I feel so great - it almost feels like I am on some kind of drug. That is how bad the last few weeks have made me feel. I can't stop smiling.

- It is Wednesday and hump day is almost over, so the weekend is getting close.

- We are having a cook out on Saturday with Cristy and Jon.

- My brother-in-law looks as though he will be watching baby for us. I am so glad to not have to worry about who is holding and feeding Baby Bixler while I am working.

- It is summer and is doesn't get dark until late in the evening. Then when it is dark - there are fire flies to watch.

- This little adventure of ours is progressing right along... and I can 't wait to meet this tiny life we made. Michael is going to be such an amazing dad.

- I have a girls night on Friday night with the girls from work. Cindee is getting married and it is her hen night. Prego me gets to make sure everyone is safely delivered home.

- We have one more month until fall season - pumpkins, fall leaves, bonfires, football, jackets and the holidays!


Michelle said...

You are pregnant. How far along? I'm about 14 weeks...and not doing so well. Having terrible migraines. hard to be giddy about that!

Glad you are feeling better.

Over from Mama Kat

Jamie said...

I love hearing how many things you have to be giddy about! Especially a baby...Congratulations!!

April said...

Great things to be giddy about!

monica said...

Congratulations on the baby - that would get me very giddy also!! Great list! Would love to see fire flies one day at night time. Stopping in from Writers Workshop.

Michelle said...

AWESOME! I just saw that you are following me. It will be a race to see who delivers first. Since I plan to have my baby a few weeks early, it will be me. LOL. Of course, that means I'll go late.

Comment often so that I get to know you better and remember to check out your blog.

I love pregnancy updates and ask for them often so don't forget to take lots of pictures .

Michelle said...

I'm so excited you are following my blog as we go through our pregnancies together. Comment often!!!