On to #2

It is official - on to trimester #2. Michael is working a lot of hours, and it seems like this summer is flying by faster than ever. Next week will be August - the final month of summer.

We have company visiting this weekend, and I have been working on getting the house straight before they arrive. I have a few things in the bedroom and of course the dirt magnet of a bathroom to finish.

Hopefully, things can slow down a bit and we can make some time to enjoy the weather and each other. It seems like there are always plans and things to do, and the days go by faster that way. We are in need of one good and long lazy weekend of nothing and more nothing to do. Maybe we can pencil that in for September?

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sarah m said...

Congrats on reaching the 2nd trimester!

I'm with you on wanting things to slow down. It seems all we do lately is go, go, go! Hopefully in the fall. :)