Wednesday Writing

#4 How will you enjoy your last days of freedom (aka summer)?

As I mentioned earlier – this summer has flown by. I know that people say that every year – but this summer feels like I have really missed it. Where did it go? Where was I when it started?

I realized last night that this is one of the first years that the day-to-day has not changed once we hit summer. Michael has been in college for so long – summers always were marked with change, time off, graduations, moves, starting a new job. This summer, for the first time, we just maintained the status quo.

Now, there is about a month or so left of summer. Since we have no changes coming – I am officially extending our summer into the fall. We have vacations from work coming in September and October - this will give us time to do all the things that mean summer to us.

· time outside with loved ones,

· a WAY slower pace

· siting still and just enjoy the sunshine on your face

· meals that are full of fresh veggies

· long walks that last until the street lights are on

· spending time with friends who you have seen in a while

· laying in bed in the morning and hearing the birds sing

· laying in be in the afternoon or evening and hearing a thunderstorm

· being a little lazy and not feeling guilty about it

· looking forward and preparing for the change come fall (winter now)

Those are the things that I plan to incorporate in the “Bixler Summer” and make up for our lost time. We do have a BIG change coming right after the first of the year – so it is fitting that our “lazy summer time” gets extended.

On a “back-to-school” note – I heard about a wonderful program - “Operation Backpack.” It is hosted by Volunteers of America and In Ohio. This is the programs 3rd year - but it was new to me. The program donates backpacks full of new school supplies to homeless and needy children. You can “buy” a backpack for a $50 donation, or you can make your own backpacks with their list of required supplies. We are making our own, because I think I can purchase a few more with the sales going on right now, and I also love shopping for school supplies.

As a child and even as an adult, I love new school supplies. It is fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to have a better year than the last. I remember how excited I would be to have all my new school supplies. How I looked forward to deciding which folder would be for which class. I always picked red for math – because red is my favorite color and green would be for science – though I am not sure of the reasoning there – maybe green for plants?

The idea that there are children, who don’t have a chance to have the school supplies they need, just breaks my heart. In this economy, the lost jobs, and with all the foreclosures, the number of children homeless and doing without has greatly increased. Michael and I are going to make some backpacks for the kids in our area. I am so looking forward to helping, even in a small way.

If you are interested, please visit Volunteer of America, or search for similar programs in your area.


Verily I go. said...

Thinking of you lots and all caught up now. Love your Grandpa blog, very beautiful and my my yes, what a fun time your Mom had with you, huh? Made me laugh big. So happy you are right up to preggars snuff now, feeling better, YAY! So sad for Megan too. Give Pack is a wonderful idea, thanks for passing it on. I love shopping with you.........WAY fun.

AngieB said...

Vacations in September and October are just the BEST! The weather is better, nothing's crowded, and you can take time to enjoy the changing seasons - savor your change this year!

Michelle said...

You don't have kids. LOL. I would love to lay around...ANY TIME....I don't get me wrong, I try and try. LOL. They just don't let me. I would willingly, gladly give up sleep to see those precious smiles in the morning.

Now this is my first visit to your blog, so please excuse the question. Your big announcement? Are you pregnant?

Anonymous said...

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