Steal of a Deal

I have been looking for a broom...

I have a broom - I don't remember where I found it, but it is rubber with fingers that sweep floors AMAZINGLY well. It gets dust, fuzz, cat food, and sand off rugs, tile and linoleum. I love it.

Well, recently the handle of said broom has started to break. It originally came in three pieces, and the pieces will no longer tighten and the whole handle is a wobbly mess.

Anyway, I have been on the hunt, and I went to scope out Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had a coupon and some time. No luck! As I was trolling the store, scanning the clearance area, I see a bag of bedding. It was so bright and cheery, it really screamed out to me.

There on the bottom shelve was this bedding set:

This picture isn't quite true to color. There is no pink, and the colors are brighter in person. Blue, yellow, green, orange and a peach. It came with the quilt, bumper, skirt and sheet. The sheet is peach overall - not a fan - so I think that a solid green will look much better.

The sticker said orginally price was $249.99 and that the reason for clearance was that the store did not carry the item. It had been marked down a few times, but the final price was $17.48!!!! I was so excited I forgot to use my coupon.

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