I had the question recently about if we were going to find out the sex of the baby. We have that possibility coming up in a few weeks - but we are leaving it as a birthday surprise.

It should make the ultra sound really interesting. Michael can't watch too closely unless they are SURE there isn't a chance of a sneak peek. He has had too much training to "not see" something hanging out in there.

Our ultrasound is going to be at almost 21 weeks - so I hope that there are some images that we will get to view and take home. I just was to see its face and make sure all the parts are in proper working order.

I am finally beginning to show so I will be posting some belly pictures later this week. Up until this weekend - everything must have been moving up and back - not out. I felt silly taking photos of nothing. Just in the past few days though there has been a BIG change! Grow baby grow!

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