Oh the joys...

So a list for today:

The not-so-joyous:
-Anytime I eat something really sweet at night - I get a terrible stomach ache and get sick.
-I crave sweets at night.
-Three times this week - either on my way home, or on my way to work - I have had to stop at a bathroom.
-I am always thirsty.
-My my nails are not growing any longer or stronger and my hair is not getting full and lustrous. I am actually shedding hair all over the place.

The joys:
-Yesterday, I felt Deedle move for about 30 seconds... not just a single bump as before that left me wondering - was that a gas? This time it was a tumbling, rolling series of bumps.
-Last night, Michael asked to lotion up the belly - so sweet.
-We made our flights for our trip to New York... a few days alone just us two.
-Michael's friend told him this past weekend that even though he had thought it was a myth before I really look glowing and happy - what a nice thing to hear.
-Found an adorable cradle or bassinet (I don't know the difference) on Crag's List and went and picked it up. It is perfect. I love getting a deal and using something that someone else no longer needs.

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I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

aww - i remember the getting sick part. Oh and my hair isn't anything special. I hate it more and tend to wear it up everyday. But my nails are a bit nicer so I can't complain.