Living Room

I love to re-decorate... I am always on the hunt for something to freshen up the rooms we spend the most time in.

We just finished hanging photos on the walls in our living room a week or so ago. We are going to be moving in a month or two... and yet I want to change the living room.

This is it now... the couch is a tiny bit different - the arms on ours are square but wider - the shape and color are dead on.


I miss blues, and cool tones. I thought that the warmer browns and oranges would really go well with the red, but I have been toying with a cooler collection.

Maybe After:

I am not sure if I am settled on the combination. We have a lot of things to buy before baby arrives. At the same time, if I wait until after baby - I will be less likely to make the change. HMMM...

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ooh, I love the after! Then again, that red couch would be awesome anywhere.