So I have been bored

in a hotel room for over a week... and I started playing with Polyvore.

I know it has existed for a long time - and I had tinkered with clothing choices. I never knew that you could design a room. Oh my oh my... I fell in love.

I am working on our living room - right now it is in warm tones, red, brown, orange - I would love to cool it down and add some blue.

I did play around with the nursery. My mom bought us the crib over the weekend. We had picked it out months ago - and loved the price. I will only buy things that are expensive if they are very special and I love it. Even though I fell in love with many cribs, the $1000 price tag seems a bit much for only a few years of use. Ikea saved the day. A work in progress to be sure. The crib, prints and chair are a must...
Nursery - I

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