In an effort to be more organized and have these habits down before Deedle arrives, I have decided to make a meal plan. I love to cook - I find it relaxing. I really do like to make dinner - even now that I don't enjoy a glass of wine while cooking.

My biggest downfall is that I fail to plan well for dinners. I regularly shop up to 3 times a week. I would run and get what we would need to dinner when we needed it. Here lately, I stopped going to the grocery more than once a week - the result was we ate out A LOT.

I have seen many bloggers with menus posted on Mondays and so I am joining. I have noticed that when I say I am going to do something in writing that others can read - I hold myself more accountable. I did plan as I shopped on Sunday, so for my first week...
Monday : roast turkey - rosemary potatoes - broccoli
Tuesday - veggie chili
Wednesday - bbq Chicken - green beans- baked sweet potatoes
Thursday - spaghetti - chili or italian (left over sauce) - spinach salad
Friday - pizzas - traditional or bbq chicken
Saturday - beef & noodles - broccoli
Sunday - shopping day - tacos?

Even writing this down - I made changes as went. I also need to write this before I go shopping. I didn't buy the spinach for dinner - I bought it for my lunch. In writing the plan, I didn't buy enough veggies. In my defense, I have been trying to buy less veggies because we have trouble using them up.

I believe (know) we will be eating out at least once this week - if we don't we will have tacos - only after I go to the store and get the items for them.

Next Pre-Deedle attack will be on our bedroom. It needs major help.


sarah m said...

I so need to start doing this!! My trips to the grocery store are so pointless without me planning actual meals.

Anonymous said...

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