My husband had his alarm set on his phone for the season premier of Mad Men... so cute. I love the show too - so I am glad he is so into it.

I - like many others - am drawn to the era. I love the furniture, the clothes and general style of the show. Being in a corporate environment - wow - things have changed. No more liquor cabinets in all the offices, drinks with lunch, smoking cigars at your desk. What a time it was.

A time when you dressed for dinner, enjoyed a cocktail afterwards, and restaurants played music and couples danced.

The first episode mentions London Fog a great deal. I have a vintage minty green trench of their making that I love to pieces. I hadn't seen much in their line in a long time - so I did some searching. There are some really cute things out there - with some great prices!

There are always the classics...

But then there are some surprises... of which are now on my wish list.

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Anonymous said...

I love the tote!