This happened last week - but I just watched the episode last night. Mad Men was featured on Oprah - and was the entire premise for a show on the 1960's.

I have been forever worried that this show was going to go down as one of the greats that was cancelled way before its prime. I will worry no longer.

Now I am in by no way an Oprah devotee. I like some of her shows - but many that I record - I end up deleting.

Ohhh... but I have always loved seeing her effect on somethings success after she promotes it to the TV viewing world. I think that it has an official term - the "Oprah Effect." Thank you Oprah for promoting my favorite show - I greatly appreciate it.

PS - Isn't January Jones just the cutest...

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You Are My Fave said...

I liked that episode too. I thought January's makeup was a little too heavy though. Didn't you love Gale visiting the Mad Men set?