It is funny now...

... but it wasn't then.

I knew that being pregnant came with a lot of side effects. Many of them I have had - and considered them like girl scout badges - earning my way to mommy hood.

Being overly emotional was one that I was sceptical about. It is an emotional time - so I figured that it was probably an exaggeration of normal sentimental moments.

Well, a week or so ago, Michael and I were heading out. I am not even sure where we were going - but we were running late. Michael was under estimating the drive time - he always does - and also hinting around that he wanted to stop and get coffee. I hate being late, so I was complaining about his pokiness and planned pit stop.

That is the mood as we enter the car... plotting husband and disgruntled wife. Before I say more - I want to let you know that almost EVERY time I get in my husbands car - the tank is on E. He will confirm this, and he thinks it is some unnatural phenomenon or conspiracy. I think it is a lack of planning - but hey that is me - the girl who fills her tank up when it gets near a quarter of a a tank - just in case.

So, we get into the car - running late - and what do we see when Michael starts the car...

Yep - that is right - tank on E and light on. I fall apart. I started crying... crying hard. Then I state, "You are going run out of gas when we are trying to get to hospital - I just know it." Big tears are running down my cheeks.

Michael is laughing so hard - tears are running down his cheeks. Trying to be soothing - and trying not to laugh while doing it - Michael promises he will get us all to the hospital without running out of gas. He can barely make it through the sentence through his hysterical laughing.

Rationally I know - we will make it to the hospital just fine. It is only 5 miles away at most. There is always my car - that has gas.

Emotional overload in pregnancy confirmed - and completely laughable.


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

aww i dont know if i should laugh or cry with you

Verily I go. said...

Nessa...a baby countdown, too cool. You sound wonderful and so does Michael and so does Deedle. Must please do baby bixler belly pics. Some very beautiful posts you have done my dear, thank you for them.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh my gosh, this cracks me up! I can see being emotional at it though...especially while pg. :) Here's hoping his car stays gassed up when the time is near!! :)