Wednesday Writing

Mama Kats writing assignment was easy this week. One of the prompts lines up with what has been on my mind all month as Michael and I are looking forward to our trip in a few weeks to NYC. Just the two of us before we become three.

The First Day of…

…vacation is one of my favorite moments. Not the day of travel getting there – but the first full day of actual vacation.

Michael and I always wake up early – without an alarm. I love waking up early without the help of the beeping devil machine. It is a great moment. To wake up and know there is so much to look forward to and so much of the day remaining to do it in. The first breakfast is one of the highlights for me. Sitting down and having breakfast with my husband is so nice. On vacation it is usually when we plan out our day – over coffee and pastries, buttered and jellied, that I would never eat at home.

Then we hit the ground running – we always have a plan – but there is an unspoken rule that it probably will change. If we see something wonderful – we stop – we get lost – find out way again. Lunch is usually where we get back on track and catch up on the plans we deviated from that morning. Then we head back to the hotel.

The hotel in which everything is clean and tidy – fresh towels and bed made by someone else – makes me smile. We get ready for dinner. Michael has usually researched a place to go and told me about it either on the travel there or that morning. He is a great researcher. We usually get ready slowly – enjoying a bottle of wine together. Outfits were packed and planned out already – so there are no decisions to make or shoes to find. All there is to enjoy each other.

Dinner is a late event and we take our time. Talking about the day – what we liked – what we loved.

That night, I always feel so lucky to have this time to spend with him. On the first night, I get to look forward to all the other days that follow. I cannot wait to get started.

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sarah m said...

Great post! I love the reference to the alarm clock as the beeping devil machine...so true! :)