Holiday Weekend

First a great find...

This bassinet was a Crag's List find for $40. I have been tossing the idea around on painting it. Right now I don't mind the way it is, so laziness is winning. Even though we won't be working on the nursery until October, I really like seeing it with bedding. It makes me smile.

This weekend, we went to dinner with friends on Friday and Saturday night. Montgomery Inn was a little disappointment. I had been to the original one near Cincinnati a few times and loved the food. It was just okay on Friday. Saturday we went to a great local place in downtown - Tip Top Restaurant. I had one of the best salads ever there. It had blanched green beans and garbanzo beans as a few of the many ingredients... yumm. Isn't their sign great?

Sunday we ran through the Greek Festival and had fabulous baklava. There was an amazing artist there and we picked up a few of her pieces. They need framed, but I will show and tell later. After the festival, we made our way to see a Columbus Clippers game.

Yes, I know - he loves those glasses. I did make him go to Goodwill with me the day he found them, and he was being such a good sport about being there too. I just didn't think he would be wearing them a month later.

Monday we did some shopping. Michael needed new golf shoes. His old pair are at least 3 years old and they smell up his entire car. I did buy my first pair of maternity jeans. I don't need them yet, but I really liked how this pair fit.

We also found the cutest thing ever... for NEXT Halloween... I know it is way too early... but I couldn't leave it in the store. It was $9 and the right size.

I love it... and can't wait to see 9 month old Deedle as a dragon!


sarah m said...

Looks like a great time! And great find on the bassinet AND costume...love it! :)

Verily I go. said...

Whatever goodwill giveth...goodwill taketh away??? ok got the giggles. AND I LOVE Dragons.