Belly Picture

Here is an updated picture from a week ago... excuse the funny face and picture from a cell phone. My mother-in-law took the picture and I was a little embarrassed in from of everyone staring at me. I hate that!

I cannot believe that we have less than three more months to go! I feel Deedle move a lot - mostly in a ring around the edges of my belly. The placenta being on the front really pads the center and I can only feel movement there once in a great while.

When I am sitting, I now get little thumps right under my ribs. Right now it kind of tickles - but everyone keeps telling me "just wait until later and the taps become kicks..."


On the moving front, we are not. We are staying in our one bedroom until our lease is up. The 2 bedroom apartments, that were supposed to be redone by this fall, are not going to be ready until this summer. This summer is exactly when our lease is over and then we had planned on finding something else then anyway. I can tell you that the idea of packing and moving was really not something I excited about.

At first I was pretty disappointed in not having a nursery. I know that things like this are really not important in the grand scheme... it was just something I had always imagined getting ready. Michael and I working on the crib, arranging the room, hanging the pictures... There is just something so sweet about a room waiting, all ready for the baby to get here. That was a hard image to let go.

We thought we would be bringing baby home to our house, their room. With Michael's fellowship in the air and my hour driving situation to work each way, a permanent residence is not on the table.

Everyone needs a spot, so Deedle is going have the best spot I can give in our little bedroom. Tonight I am going to be working on the bedroom - making room for the crib and some other necessities. It needs a good clean and a good purging.

Life is the way it is, unpredictable and full of surprises. I know I will get the same feeling looking over at Deedle's corner as I would looking into a whole room. A sweet little spot just waiting for the little one to arrive. The thought of waking up in a room with my two favorite people in the world right there in the room with me is something that makes really me smile.

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

You are so cute and TINY!! :) Good luck getting things set up. It's hard when things are always as we imagined, but it sounds like you've got a great attitude about it. :)