Welcome November

I love November - and here are some of my reasons:

*pumpkin flavored sweets - pie, cakes, cookies, donuts
*jacket-wearing weather is here and here to stay - I have a whole closet full of jackets and coats - it is my serious weakness
*the time change makes waking up a bit easier
*the brief window of opportunity where Honeycrisp apples and the first batches of Clementine tangerines are both in the grocery at the same time
*Thanksgiving - a holiday that is all about being thankful for the people in your life, friends and family and food - what can be better
*turkey, cranberries, homemade mashed potatoes, apple pie
*the smell of burning leaves
*decorating the Christmas tree - my weekend after Thanksgiving tradition
*chance for a snowflake sighting without the threat of bad driving conditions
*Christmas shopping without the frenzy - people are so relaxed as they go about it this month
*Black Friday - a new tradition that I like to do just for fun - the direct opposite of my last statement
*Evenings spent cuddling on the couch under a blanket with Michael

Happy November!

Calendar available for download here.

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