Mad and Sad

Sad and mad...

Not only do they rhyme - but they are almost always a packaged pair. First you get hit by one - and then the other comes along. Sometimes slowly, sometimes almost at the same moment. At least this is how it goes for me.

Someone makes me sad - then my anger makes me mad... Or someone makes me mad - I then get sad. Temper and tears... maybe that is why I cry when I get really sparked off... hmmm?

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness."
R. W. Emerson
I think that you could replace angry with sad in this quote and it work out the same.

I know you can't ignore or cover-up how you feel, or go through life with out the bad - because then you would never appreciate the good. However, I need to let the bad go sooner - not hang on so long. I am missing out on some happy - that is to be sure.

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