Baby Update and the Weekend

Here is what is new on the little one...

Baby is really moving around. Michael was talking to Deedle the other night - he had his face right down on my belly. The baby started kicking/hitting right where he was talking. We thought it was a fluke at first, but after 4 times of this repeating, we decided either baby was talking back or annoyed that the peace and quiet was being disturbed. I am hoping it wasn't annoyed - because we were having so much fun.

Deedle is now about 2 pounds and either has opened its eyes or is working on it as I type. Pretty exciting!
Prior to this - Deedle was supposedly the size of a papaya, and before that it was a cantaloupe. I don't know about the rest of the world - but I think a cantaloupe is much larger - heavier - than a papaya or an eggplant.

On to me... everything is still moving up more than out. My waist has disappeared and most of my pants no longer button. When I tense up my stomach, my belly button pops up. It is pretty hilarious.

Over the weekend, Michael was out of town. I really didn't have much to do. Saturday, I took the kitties to the vet. The rest of the day - I drove around. I needed some things for the house and was hoping to find some maternity pants. I ending up at a Target pretty far from the house. We have one that is less than a mile away - so at least it was a change of scenery.

I have been in a sad funk for the last couple of weeks and the it got worse at the end of last week and this weekend. I am trying to shake it - so we will see.

Bright spot for the weekend... and at this very moment as I eat my first one - my favorite apples were at the grocery yesterday. Honeycrisp.... yummm...

I love their color, so marbled in red, orange, yellow and even some green. And the taste... not to mention the juice that runs down your chin.

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