86 Days

Reality Check

I have been in denial for way too long. Not necessarily denial, I guess, more of a delusional fog. This day seems so long ago now. I can remember thinking far away February 1st seemed. It seemed like forever away - too far away.

Then came reality...

I called last night to make reservations in our birthing class. I had been thinking that we had so much time, and I didn't want to be in the class too early. Well, when I called - there is only one more session that will complete before our due date - and it begins THIS Monday!

Silly math head me - decided to calculate how far along I am in percentages - yeah it works out to be about 70% complete. That is a big number.

Oh Deedle, were are not quite ready for you yet - and you are not ready to meet us either. But I promise we are going to get our butts in gear. It is time to turn these day dreams into actual progress.

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