Ohdeedoh - Apartment Therapy's children's department had a great photo of a baby nook that really inspired me. I am going to stay with the white and bright colors that I had picked out originally - though the gray in this room is so soothing.

I am thinking on changing our adult bed linens to whites with splashes of brights. That way the room looks more pulled together and purposeful. I have sheets and a white quilt - i just need some pillow covers and a toss pillow or three!

We are on the hunt for the dresser - or a wardrobe. Michael found me a vintage desk that I would like to use as the changing table - so a wardrobe would be great for hanging and drawer storage.
Maybe this one from Ikea - with some drawers added to the bottom. We need to make a trip to the store and make sure we get something that we really will use later. Tonight I am going to measure our room and start fusing with some graph paper to get a layout idea before we purchase anything. I am doing my best to avoid getting something for our temporary space that I wouldn't want to use later when we move.

On a side note - I purchased the camera I have been drooling over. (Okay - not the SLR that is WAY out of our price range right now- and that I would need to take classes on how to use first.) The Sony point and shoot with the zoom that I really want.

I had thought our other camera was gone for good - but after a battery charge with the new charger - tada! - old camera still works. I almost took the new one back. Michael would not let me. Granted - the old camera would have "fits" were the screen would go blank and you would have to run it off then on to get it to take pictures. Occasionally you would have to "tap" it and run through the off-on routine a few times... The camera wasn't on sale - and I know it will be soon. Oh well... guilt be gone. I love it!

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You Are My Fave said...

Oh I love that nursery space. Great pick for some inspiration.