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A blog I love to read - Belly Itch feature little 'ol me on her site! I was REALLY behind in reading my blog list, and email so it was new to me today, even though it was last week that I was featured.

Thank you Belly Itch!

Tonight is Birthing Class #2. The last class - as wrote before - I learned a lot. I also learned that we were behind and not as prepared as the others in our class. Everyone else had their cribs up. Some had clothes washed and folded. I thought - hey - we will get it together. I know it is not something I should be comparing, or really worrying about - and I didn't - until this morning because...

We had homework. Papers to read, relaxation techniques to practice and questions I was to ask at my last doctor's appointment. We are going to compare and discuss our "fundal measurements" and the knowledge of if baby is "breech or vertex" as part of class tonight.


We didn't practice the relaxation and the papers from class last week are still sitting in the same spot they were left - unread.

My last doctors appointment, I felt so horrible from the glucose test - I really could only focus on not getting sick and hoping the test came back ok... (more on that later.) She measured my fundus (guessing here) and said - "Looks great!" That folks is all this underachiever has - it looks great.

So tonight - the unprepared return to class - still behind and now with homework incomplete (not even started).
Do you think "Our dog ate it." would work?

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