Michael and I took a trip to New York City at the end September.  Neither of us had been before, and I am glad we got to see the city.  

Seeing it while almost 5 months pregnant was a larger challenge than I thought.  The walking about did me in.  Flying was not a picnic either - there isn't enough "seat belt off" time given for someone who has trouble holding it for more than an hour.  I am still so glad to have the visit off the list of places to see.

The first day, wanting to see as much as we could - we walked from our hotel on 34th Street to the Brooklyn Bridge and and into Brooklyn.  Adventurous choice, but not the smartest choice.  I think our legs paid for this excursion the rest of the trip.
That is me - walking and/or running because I have to find a bathroom - SOON.  As you can clearly see, we are not even close to the end of the bridge.   Lets just say,  I enjoyed the view and the walk back much more than the walk over.

We visited many of the museums.  Here are our feet at MOMA.  The Guggenheim was amazing.  Getting our F. L. Wright fix was great - especially since it was our first of his buildings designed as a public space we have been to see.

Central Park was my absolute favorite... and I think Michael's too.  It was breathtaking, relaxing and a great place to see different aspects of the city.  The families, artists, musicians, joggers, and the suit and tie crowd looking  for a break. 

One thing I took note of was the strollers.  Many were out of what I feel is an acceptable price range for us - but the Graco frame that we registered for was one that I did see a lot.  In a city that walks where ever is goes - I think getting a stroller that was a popular choice in Manhattan will be the best road test that is in existence.  

This was from one of our favorite nights.  Night in New York is completely different than the day.  It is so bright, but the colors are more saturated.  The people - they are everywhere.  It really is the city that doesn't sleep.   However, we did...

Our hotel had terrible hot water control - but the bed... ooohh the bed.  We were both SO tired by the end of the day, that we could barely make it out of  the bed if we even just sat down to take off our shoes.  It was a memory foam mattress and it made us forget how to walk.  

All in all, I loved visiting.  I think that more time relaxing would have been nice - but we promised that we would take a beach bum type vacation soon.  Napa in October will fit some of the requirements - more bum than beach.

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Erin said...

Anytime I've been to NYC (not pregnant even!) I am utterly exhausted by the end of the first day! I LOVE it though, it is probably my 2nd favorite city in the world (after London) and I'd visit every year if I could! Glad you had a great time!