Yesterday we made the Ikea run and completely changed our mind on what we were getting once we were there.

We purchased two of these dressers. They are going to be line up side by side. There will be one for Deedle storage, and one for our storage. We are cleaning up the closet so that as little as possible will be taking up floor space.

The changing pad is going on top of one, and this shelf is going on top of the other.
We picked up some colorful boxes - I think they would be great for creams, salves, suckers, thermometers and the like... of which I have none - but hey I have boxes - right?

I was looking for bedding - pillows and a throw. We have a white quilt that will be redressing the bed. I am going for a a few splashes of color in the decorations. There were some okay choices at Ikea - but nothing that made me REALLY happy. I didn't want to just settle on something and then find something better later. I can always make another run to Ikea if nothing else is found.

Tomorrow, Michael and I are off - and we will be putting furniture together all day it seems. I am looking forward to it... a lot.

Birthing class #3 is tonight. We did practice one of the exercises - and I read half of the homework. Tonight is tour the hospital night. I am really looking forward to the sneak peak. Update tomorrow with (fingers crossed) pictures of the crib and dresser!

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I love all of your purchases! It will look great, but also very practical.