Welcome December

Well the holiday flew by... I can't believe today is the first day of December... DECEMBER!

Two more months and Deedle is set to arrive!

So, we are almost finished with Deedle's side of the room. I have been back and forth over where to hang the pictures. Last night, I made up my mind - but since it was 2:30 am - I decided I had better wait until this afternoon to use the hammer.

Yes, I was up at 2:30 am. Have you ever heard of Restless Leg Syndrome? Well I hadn't until I felt it. I guess it is something that anyone can get - but it is common in pregnancy.

What it feels like is electrically charged ants are running nuts up and down my legs. This happens when ever my legs are sitting still, elevated or not moving. It also tends to really start up around 8 or 9 at night. The only thing that stops the feeling is to move your legs. Sometimes they almost move on there own - like a jump in your reflexes.

So you can imagine that at night, laying down, trying to be still to fall asleep are all things that I am finding almost impossible right now. Last night was really bad. I could almost fall asleep standing up - actually - I did fall asleep for a few second leaning against the wall in our hallway. I was that tired - but as soon as I would approach a reclining position - BAM - legs would go nuts.

I was reading up on it last night to see if there was anything that you could do to stop it. But alas, most of the articles ended by stating that the symptoms normally disappear after baby is born.

I am going to try some exercise tonight. Maybe if I get my legs really tired - they won't have the energy to be restless.

Tonight we are decorating the tree. I usually do this on the day after Thanksgiving - but our little apartment was not ready for the tree at that point. We picked it up on Saturday from Michael's parents house. I have quite a collection of holiday decor. I only let myself bring one tree (yes - I have two) and the ornaments. I was quite proud of myself. This will be Michael's first year decorating with me. It was always something I seemed to do when he worked. I wanted to start a better tradition of us putting the ornaments on the tree as a family.

I put the tree together on Sunday. The living room required some creative rearranging - but I like where everything ending up. This rearranging was not a small feat - considering that we just had destroyed it by rearranging the bedroom the weekend before. I did some major purging on Sunday and actually found the bottom of our coat closet. Amazing what things I am willing to get rid of now that I know Deedle needs the space.

Last night, birthing class went well. We saw our second video of a birth. The first was a mom who went through labor like a pro. I think she barely broke a sweat. I am hoping for a labor like that! Last night, the mom was in labor A LOT longer. The baby was posterior and she had back labor and some pain medicine to make it to show time.

We learned our last breathing technique and were using them in scenarios that the instructor was putting together. At one point, Michael and I came close to passing out - together. We were a little to focused and breathing WAY too fast. It was quite hysterical. Our last class is next Monday!

Saturday is the baby shower. I can't believe how the time is going...

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Sorry about the restless leg stuff...no fun! :( We are working on our tree tonight, too. And the birthing class...I'm not sure I'm ready for that! :)

Summer said...

I totally had RLS forever!!!!

Sometimes it still reappears, but for the most part it just went away.

Hang in there!!!