Busy Busy

Wow - these last two weeks have just flown by.

The highlights:

* Our baby shower was on the 5th. It was a lot of fun. I plan on a separate post later this week. Right now, my camera cord is MIA - so I can't get my photos off the camera. I have a plan to get it fixed tonight.

* Our last birthing class was on the 7th. Class went well - certificate was earned. I am really sad that we won't be spending that time together every week anymore. Hopefully, we can make up for it by setting some time aside each week and spending it together.

The class is planning a reunion in March and I am really looking forward to seeing all the families with their new additions. We started e-mailing each other as a group last week - and I can't wait to hear of the first baby to arrive from our class. Our due date was the latest - but there were a few that were about a week before.

* Our breast feeding class was on the 10th. I learned a lot - especially that little Deedle is going to want to eat up to 12 times a day at first. I knew that breast feeding was not easy - it takes a lot of work. This class really explained the why's and the what-to-do about its.

There is also a meeting for breastfeeding moms that I am really looking forward to joining. Most of our friends in our area are not parents - so I am hoping to make some friendships.

* I think "nesting" has set in. I keep cleaning and even when I am too tired to clean - I still want too. I have a list of the things that still need completed. I am going to post it next so I can keep track.

* Deedle is growing - and so am I. I feel like my stomach grows everyday. We are at 34 weeks - that is considered pre-term not premature - and the likelihood of a healthy, happy baby is really high with very little chance of baby health complications. I will feel completely confident in two more weeks... 36 weeks is just a rounder, fatter number. After that milestone, Deedle can come when he/she pleases.

Yes, I know that I have no control over these things, but at least after 36 weeks, I will stop instructing Deedle daily to "Keep baking little one."

Deedle is now approaching 5 pounds and getting fatter everywhere. The movements are HUGE and you can see them through my clothes. A few lucky strangers have been standing close when Deedle has decided to dance for everyone. The faces are hilarious. There is definitely an active little person in there - I can't wait to meet you!

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