What I Really Love

I have always loved bright colors - think sunshine and rainbows.

I dressed this way growing up - if it wasn't bright or colorful - I really didn't like it. Then in high school - a friend told me that with my coloring, complexion - I needed to wear more earth tones and jewel tones.

They were right - I do look better in those colors as apposed to the neons and brights I tended to gravitate towards. I then decided that my bright yellow bedroom and Punky Brewster style quilts were probably a bad decision look wise also...

So, when Michael and I moved in together in 2003... I felt this great need to be grown up and subdued. This meant to me - greens, browns and blues. Colors I would wear - are the colors I bought for our home.

Which lead me to my old dinner wear...

Yep - pretty blah and boring of you ask me.

As I asked for in my Christmas wish list (and received thanks to a gift card from my mother-in-law!) - Correll Pure White dinner wear - all white - not exactly colorful.

I have grown up since my Punky Brewster days... I have learned that color in splashes is better than a head-to-toe ensemble. So goes it for real life as well... doses.

For years in my garage sale and thrift store hunting - I would drool over the bright and purchase the earth tones... No longer!

I have started a collection of retro dishes and service pieces - all in brights and rainbow hues. I don't want a set - I am aiming for a collection where each piece is different than all the rest. This is easier said than done - but the fun is in the hunt.

I will be posting pictures of my finds later this week... but here are some Etsy pieces that I would like to run across in my hunting. If I don't find them on my own - I may just have to breakdown and buy them online.

Table cloth... or lovely cafe curtains..

I am so happy to going back to what I love - and not what I thought was a better choice...

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Summer said...

Totally having a moment with the plates that smile. So FAB!