New Years Day and Update

New Year's Day was spent with Kellie and Jason Cleland. As you can see - we were dressed for success for the Rose Bowl! Hooray Buckeyes! Kellie and Jason are expecting there first in May. It was fun to see them. They had some trouble getting pregnant too - so it is great that we both are having them close together. I foresee many family trip with these three (four including Archie Bob the dog).

So - you can see my belly is really sticking out there.

Well, there is good reason for that. Yesterday we had an another ultrasound and baby is measuring 7 pounds and 4 ounces. It cheeks were so fat and it had dimples in the wrists. Looks like a chubby baby in there!

Tomorrow I see my doctor. I don't believe there will be a due date change, as baby was measuring in the high 70th percentile in size for a 02/01/2010 due date. If it gains the half pound a week, like they say it is supposed to, we could be talking really chubby.

I am guessing baby will be around 7 and a half pounds. I think that the estimates are always that - estimates. I am hoping that they do leave the due date alone - just because I am not interested in an induction unless we have to go that route. I like surprises and think the "Honey, we are in labor!" announcement to my husband is too much fun to skip!

Interesting note - head measurements were in the 95th percentile.

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